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5 Reasons To Use Dragonfly Wingman

Explore nature in peace with the Dragonfly Wingman clipped to your hat!

No one wants their time at the lake or on the hiking trail to be about the bugs roaming the area. Wearing a Dragonfly Wingman outdoors can help you concentrate on the things you love about being in nature rather than trying to outrun bugs that can fly faster than you can run. Listed below are 5 benefits for wearing a Dragonfly Wingman outdoors.

1. Avoid Horse and Deer Flies

Your time outside can go from a fun experience to a nightmare if you are having to continually deal with horse and deer flies. These bugs are predominately visual creatures that enjoy snacking on human beings. Avoid being their next meal by taking your Dragonfly Wingman with you when you are out exploring the natural world.

Dragonflies are the natural enemies of horse and deer flies. The Dragonfly Wingman takes advantage of this fact of nature. Horse and deer flies avoid areas where dragonflies are present. Attaching your sidekick to your person will ensure those pesky bugs leave you and anyone near you alone.

2. Non-toxic

This device is a great alternative to sprays because it does not use harsh chemicals. Sprays do not always work and they usually smell awful. The Dragonfly Wingman provides a more natural solution to the problems that horse and deer flies bring forward. Just clip on your dragonfly friend and you are done. It’s quick and easy to install and environmentally friendly.

3. No Need to Replace Dragonfly Wingman

Another problem that chemical solutions have is that they eventually run out and your supply often needs to be replenished. Overtime these costs can build up and put a definite dent in your wallet.

Your Dragonfly Wingman features a one time payment and the product will last many years.

4. Protect Your Pets

These blood seeking bugs do not only impact human lives but animal lives as well. These painful bites can be especially hard on dogs that have to deal with the bites or wear uncomfortable collars with pyrethroids in them.

Livestock face having to take a high dose of insecticide to prevent attacks from horse and deer flies. It is important to prevent these bites because they can stress the animals. This can lead to dairy cows on pastures producing 25% less milk. It is crucial these animals are protected.

Pet owners can help keep deer and horse flies away by wearing the fake dragonfly.

5. Prevent the Spread of Disease

Did you know horseflies can spread disease? While horseflies are not the main or particularly the most effective transmitters of certain diseases they still have the capabilities to transmit them. These diseases include anthrax, anaplasmosis, and trypanosomiasis.

By wearing a Dragonfly Wingman outdoors you can help lessen the presence of these blood-drinking insects and by doing so reduce the transmission of diseases to yourself and your pets.

The Dragonfly Wingman provides the most economical and environmentally friendly option for dealing with your deer and horse fly problems.

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